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About Loveology 101

Mission Statement

At Loveology 101, our mission is to empower individuals and couples with the wisdom, skills, and self-awareness needed to build and nurture meaningful, lasting relationships. Through adaptable and engaging sessions, we foster a culture of self-love, understanding, and connection. We believe that everyone deserves to experience love's transformative power, and we're dedicated to providing the tools and guidance necessary to make that a reality

Our Vision

Our vision for Loveology 101 is to be a beacon of hope and wisdom in the world of modern relationships. We see a future where individuals, whether in a church sanctuary, a cozy speakeasy, or any setting of their choosing, can access the knowledge and support needed to flourish in love.


Meet Sigrid Nikkea Jones: Your Relationship Alchemist!

I am your go-to speaker for unlocking the secrets to thriving relationships. With over 16 years of marital and relationship counseling experience, Ms. Jones brings a perfect blend of expertise and charisma to the stage. My dynamic approach to relationship psychology keeps audiences hooked from start to finish. My sessions are not just informative; they're transformative experiences. We will explore everything from psychological facts about love and sex to the secrets of cultivating lasting connections. Get ready to laugh, learn, and engage! 

Secure your spot now and let the journey to relationship mastery commence!

Valencia H.

I absolutely enjoyed the relationship series that was facilitated by Nikkea! The space was very welcoming and I didn’t feel judged. I was free to ask whatever questions I had and left with a new perspective. I am definitely looking forward to anything she host because she offers a God friendly but real environment.

Reggie M. 

One of the most important things I got from the series was to take some time and LOVE MYSELF AND NOT be selfish about what I want in life. I can love others but take time to LOVE MYSELF

Lisa T.

She provided something for everyone at each and every session. Her delivery is great and there is not a subject she is unwilling or unable to address that does not have attendees feeling any shame or guilt. I was eager for each session and thankful for what I learned about myself and what I value.



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